Premium Quality at Affordable Prices

ProWordz Language Solutions is committed to providing high-quality translation and localization services with fast turnaround at a scale-friendly price. These are achieved through the application of cutting-edge translation technologies. 


Translation memory 


Quality assurance checkers

Prowordz' customer-specific translation memories identify sentence segments that have been translated previously. By re-using these segments, translation quality, consistency and speed will be improved while the cost is lowered.  


Terminology management tool


ProWordz manages a centrally-stored terminology database that allows sharing with full access rights control, in other words, each user is assigned appropriate access to a client-based termbase only when necessary. These databases can improve brand consistency and productivity while saving costs.

ProWordz incorporates a translation dashboard with a validation system operating in the background, where linguistic and styling errors, such as incorrect number and punctuation, will be marked and notified. These automatic checkers eradicate the already low possibility of human error in the translations we delivered. 

Project management tool

By investing in an integrated project management platform, ProWordz streamlines project administration, job distribution and resource sharing to increase efficiency.  With the help of this platform, project managers can keep track of progress in real time. 


Document Translation


Web Localization

App Localization


Software Localization

For further details about translation services in Macao, Hong Kong, and Mainland China, please contact Prowordz Language Solutions.